Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Persuasive Writing Unit: Step by Step

We use the book Should There be Zoos?, by Tony Stead and Judy Ballester.  Children listen to and read arguments from both sides.  As a class we identify facts and opinions and make a chart of these. Students then choose a side and do a shared persuasive writing essay supporting their opinion.
First the student groups plan their argument using a graphic organizer
Once the planning is complete, they participate in a shared writing:

Students are then partnered up to look at two different books, Should There be Pets? and Should There Be Video Games?
Partners read these books and take notes, recording Facts and Opinions for and against owning pets and playing video games.  

Once children are done, they "take a stand."
Students use a graphic organizer to plan their persuasive essay.
Once the essay is planned, students craft several leads in their writer's notebooks, choose their favorite lead and then they craft their persuasive text.
 Once the writer's favorite lead is selected, they use this to begin writing their persuasive text.

Edited copy ready for publishing.
 The final step is to write a final, published copy.

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